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3 Fall Pieces That You’ll Never Take Off

Whether you’re bunkered up during a hurricane (be safe!) in New York or still battling the heat in Cali, one thing is for sure: it’s autumn clothing season! In these next few months, it’ll be layers on layers on layers, so here are three key fashion items that you’ll love to live in.

1. The Slouchy Beanie

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Somehow capable of making nearly every person look amazing regardless of a bad hair-day, the slouchy knit cap is a staple item for guys and girls alike this season. Invest in a good, neutral colored one (or seven) and slip it on to top off any cozy outfit!

2. Over-knee Socks

Perfect when paired with booties or combat boots, every fashion forward lady needs to invest in a pair of these! They make mini-dreses wearable during rainy weather.

3. A Cutout Sweater

Everybody knows that cable knits are a staple in fall and winter, but what about adding cutout details? It makes for a chic and easy way to dress up an ordinary outfit. Get one for yourself!

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