How to be a College Meathead

Getting Big In College Made Simple by Dom Mazetti

Dom breaks down what being a college meat head is all about. Being big in lamen terms for you. The equation apparently is simple. Mike the Situation would be proud.

Our Favorite Quotes..

-So you go to school Dom?

-Yeah. MIT. T..Tech.. I go to ITT Tech..

ego boosts are a part of my diet. and so are ego waffles.

What is an energy shake?

It’s a shake for your muscles… Its made of whey protein…whole milk…a bushel of bananas…baby formula…half a rack of ribs…one rotisserie chicken…half a sleeve of oreos…twelve assorted munchkins…scoop of ice cream…quarter pint of franzia…shot of bourbon…cadbury egg…glazed honey ham…a plate of scrambled eggs…handful of cherios…take notes epic meal time…

Knee bone connected to the hip bone, hip bone connected to the knee bone



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