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The worst thing ever is asking your friends for dating advice and they just so happen to be in a loving-two year relationship. I’ll tell you what, the dating game changes what seems like everyday, so what worked two years ago is extinct now. I’ve been out of a relationship for an embarrassingly long amount of time – but that means I’ve witnessed a lot of situations pertaining to dating and guys. Plus, between my three roommates, all my sorority sisters and me, there is nothing I have not seen or heard. Sometimes, I wonder if boys really do come from a different planet.

This week we’ll focus on consistent hook-ups that are unwilling to commit but get jealous if you hook up with a fraternity brother of his. Hello buddy, you can’t be jealous of what I choose to do if you won’t “put a ring on it” – okay so I just wanted to use some Beyonce lyrics, what I really meant was lock it down.


Okay, okay, so you probably shouldn’t hook up with multiple guys in one fraternity house, it’s quite frowned upon – who knew – but that was just an example. Guys seem to get jealous so incredibly easy but are unwilling to give you a reason not to give attention to other guys. Here’s how you play it. If he’s unwilling to commit, you’re probs too good for him anyhow. But it’s never that easy – because obviously he’s hot if you’ve been hooking up with him and you’re convinced that he has to like you at least a little bit if he’s getting jealous. That’s not always the case though. And this is where you’re going to wish you took advice from your best friend; because let’s face it, she tells you exactly what you want to hear. Well I won’t.

Guys know how to get girls to fall for them, they know if they’re into a girl to text them first, they know that if they want to see you then they’ll invite you over. They also know if they want to be with a certain girl, to put a title on it. If he’s not doing that, then he’s not ready for a relationship. Move on. When you stop making it so easy for him to see you and be with you so casually, then he’ll realize what he’s missing. But never, and I mean never, try to rub in his face that you can get other guys – this will, every single time, backfire. Play it cool and wait for him to come to you. If he doesn’t, then it’s time to find a new potential boyfriend or at least a new hottie to hook-up with.

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Amy Willsey
I'm a sophomore magazine journalism major and business minor at the University of Missouri. I came from the lovely Kansas City and am a die hard Royals and Chiefs fan. I enjoy long-distance runs, alliteration and I spend my free time finding the fraternities with the cutest puppies. Carry on, all you pretty people, carry on.

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