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Oregon’s Duck Goes Viral with Gangnam Style Parody!

A duck might not be as exciting as a Fighting Irish, Trojan, or Tiger at first sight, but that didn’t stop the Oregon students from taking their school’s duck to Donald Duck status with a little viral video.

In today’s college recruitment strategy, you need to talk about your social presence online as much as your academic reputation. If your school isn’t know on YouTube, then you might actually lose out to another who has made a catchy video. Looks like Oregon has covered their bases well with a great athletic program, and now a this. The video of their mascot duck doing a cover of the Korean song called Gangnam Style already over 1,000,000 hits in 4 days.

Not a bad job editing and it looks like the Oregon cheerleaders did a solid job choreographing a few moves too. I think this represents the school as a creative and fun campus. I’d have to say, great shot to finish the video, Oregon.

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Oregon Duck Goes Viral

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    It’s not Japanese… It’s KOREAN.

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