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Ralph Lauren Rugby – Fall Looks and Trends

Rugby released their fall line designed for your college life. They don’t disappoint. Rugby is a sub brand of Ralph Lauren, designed for college students, with a look of comfort and prep — perfect for the the campus lifestyle. This fall Rugby is bringing back classic looks using soft tones and neutral colors. The season will be timeless and relaxed so be on the look for grainy textures, a mix of stripes, and earthy solids.

For the general collegiate look, you certainly want to build a wardrobe that is more timeless and less trendy to avoid feeling outdated and save yourself a lot of money. Rugby takes college life into consideration and has designed the clothing around your needs. The range of casual and dress is ideal for students who want to look presentable without having to sacrifice practicality. Below we have a gallery of looks to give you some inspiration and a couple of ideas as you build your fall looks.

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Having multiple layers will help you stay warm and have flexibility as the temperature become a little unpredictable between seasons.

Notice the mix of solids, letters and textures. Make sure to combine the clothes you have appropriately with complimenting fabrics.

Gentlemen, it is perfectly fine to be a little more casual and dressy at our age. In fact it’s usually expected. This picture pulls off the jacket on an outfit we would usually wear and instantly takes your look from causal and average to a new level.

Ladies, try some pastels to bring out the muted fall colors that will make the subtle, yet necessary pop to your outfit.

Rock the sporty school girl look and be sure to get noticed by all the wizards at Hogwarts.
Jokes aside, the long socks really make the legs look sexy and can help keep you warm if the temperature drops and you decided against wearing long pants.

Guys, comfort and relaxing khaki pants are sometimes much better than jeans. Change it up.

Have fun and accessories with bracelets that are not metallic or shinny. Leather wristbands will be a good chance of pace. Also, try a hat and scarf to finish out the details.

Pea Coat and Long Socks. Winning Combination.


This look is definitely more edgy and classic than others but trying something this different will make a statement. Notice how she tones it down with the leather jacket.

It’s fall. If you want to look preppy try and take a break from the little animals and bright pastels. Spring will be here soon enough.

Wear your nice suit and remind yourself that you can be relaxed with a scarf that is not necessarily expected, but is refreshing.


How do you wear your fall style? Let us know what tips were overlooked in a comment below.



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