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Hiker Chick: This Winter’s Boot Essentials.


It’s officially 2012, and officially freezing outside. But who says winter wear has to be bland? Make a statement as the weather gets colder with my favorite look this winter: rustic-chic. Pick a new alternative to your patterned rain boots and strut your stuff through the slush in hiking inspired boots.

Waterproof and warm, the latest trend in cold-weather shoes range from classic boots to treaded heels. Take my word for it: no matter how high the heel, these shoes are always comfortable; from the shearling lining to the soft, no-slip bottoms, these will soon become your new winter staple.

Layer wooly socks under your shoes and scrunch them over some skinny jeans or leggings for a layered look. For a pop of color, switch out the laces with a seasonal hue; think rust, mustard or emerald.

Here are LTCL’s top five picks of the season:



1. Rugged Layers.

These chic hiker boots by Dolce Vita have a super cute knit cuff; perfect for layering with socks and skinnies. A shoe like this is the paradigm of the rugged-chic trend and are certain to be your winter staple.

Dolce Vita – $154







2. Shearling.

The casual vibe of these suede, shearling lined boots make it the perfect everyday statement shoe. With just a little hint of heel, these  babies are sure to turn heads.

Zara – $40




3. Treaded Pumps.

These boots are simple and chic, perfect for a stylish update to your outfit this winter. The treaded rubber bottoms will keep you from slipping in the snow, and these will keep you warm; just layer with socks and you’re good to go!

Piperlime – 49.99







4. Waterproof Chic.

For those of you looking for a more classically rugged look, check out these duck boots from Asos (read: super affordable). These will keep you warm this winter with their shearling lining.

Asos – $45




5. Contrasting Laces.

Who doesn’t love a pop of color in winter? These fierce boots feature a super comfy three inch stacked heel and a unexpected pop of color with the laces.

Lucky Brand – $159



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