Editorial Vision

Living the College Life Magazine provides premium content for college students. By premium we mean the content will be applicable and of high quality. All of our articles require what we call UPE: Useful, Practical & Entertaining We will have experts contribute in articles and talented college student combine their own experience and voice with researched information. With strong editorial overview, we believe LTCL’s content will be superior to our competitors.

Our content will reflect living college with class, style, and success. Our readers should be able to keep up with the latest trends and manage their life more easily after reading our content.

We see the college student differently then most. The general public stereotype of what college is negative and reflects only binge drinking and rebellion. We feel that we can describe the lifestyle more accurately. We write for the student who is building a future and a legacy. Our reader will learn how to dress fashionably, best practices for college dating, trends that they might want to be aware of, and tips on building a successful network with their future’s interest in mind. So with trusted sources and a great team of writers we can help our readers navigate the college life with a little more ease.