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Armani Alejandro’s Top 5 Bar Drinks

Expand your cocktail pallet. Have personality and order something other than Bud Light or Vodka Sprite next time. I’v assembled a list of some of my personal favorites. Here are simple cocktails I recommend you order on your next drink escapades.

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1. Mojito

What’s in it: Crushed mint, white rum, lime juice, simple syrup (water+sugar)

Why: Because it’s fucking delicious. It tastes so good you have no idea it’s getting you drunk. Also, it’s like a beach party anywhere you go. Lastly, it’s delicious.




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2. Vodka Cranberry

What’s in it: …Vodka and Cranberry. I prefer Ketel One or Russian Standard, hence my usual order of “Ketel & Cran”

Why: I like vodka, and cranberry juice gives a decent flavor, but it keeps it strong so you can taste the smoothness (good) or the shittiness (bad) of the vodka.




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3. Vodka Tonic

What’s in it: Vodka and Tonic Water

Why: It’s manly, classic, and probably the simplest drink you can order. The bartender will love you for making the job so easy on him.




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4. Screwdriver

What’s in it: Vodka and Orange Juice

Why: Good morning, here’s some orange juice, BAM and vodka. Wake up and get Mad Men on your day.





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5. Whiskey and Water

What’s in it: …at this point I think you get it

Why: Because if you don’t drink this at least occasionally, just turn over your penis now. Favorite cheap whiskey to go with this: Old Overholt.




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Honorable Mention:

Caipirinha – Brasilian mojito minus the mint. It’s delicious.


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