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Valentine’s Day and Getting Over my Ex

Love War Stories

It’s been about a month and a half since I broke up with my ex girlfriend of over 3 years and tonight is Valentine’s Day. What a great night to go out to a college bar with some of your bros!  Let me start back at the beginning of my bachelorhood, or rather the end of my relationship with my ex.  So this was my first serious girlfriend, I met her when she was 18 years old and she never really matured from that age, so I had to break up with her.  Maybe I shouldn’t have done it 2 days after Christmas because she went out 4 days later on New Years Eve and had a one night stand.  This was after we had been talking for a couple hours a day saying we were going to work things out.  I was crushed, and needed to tell someone, so I told my dad.   He said that he wouldn’t talk to her again and so I continued to ignore her texts telling me she was sorry for what she did.  I felt a little better but decided to leave St. Louis for Columbia, and stopped at the mall on the way out of town to get the new iPhone.  When I got to the Sprint kiosk, there were a couple guys working and they asked me how I was doing.  I said crappy, then proceeded to tell them the story. I was surprised by their reaction as they each told me their own stories of long term relationships and the girls they had break ups with.  I felt a little better. Unfortunately it didn’t last long because I started  to feel sick driving back to Columbia.  When I got in town, I stopped to pick up a money order to pay rent. As I walked into the leasing office my shitty mood must have been obvious and needless to say, the 2 property managers there had their own break up war stories… 

I was surprised by their reaction as they each told me their own stories

It seems like I have joined the ranks of my many brothers out there– I now have an ex girlfriend.  There is a certain “bro code” that guys live by that only a guy can understand.  Looking back on everything it feels like the break up the toughest choice I have made, much more difficult path than I expected, but ultimately the right one.  Valentine’s night this year is with bros at the bar.  Hopefully I will take home a pretty Valentine!

- Anonymous

This was an article submitted by a reader. If you have your own love war stories send us an email and we will post them on here.

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